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Other constructions

Caravan Forecourt

With a forecourt to the caravan will increase the floor space by as much as 6m2 ! This space can be used to the vestibule or even accommodations because of good winter characteristics and the electric heating.

The four outriggers make setting up and fitting the carriage simple.

The forecourt is delivered completely turnkey and ready for immediate use. The entire body is naturally sandwich glued for maximum durability and insulation properties.
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Inv. length:      3000 mm

Inv. width:       2150 mm

Weight ca.      380 kg

Isolation:         Walls  30 mm

                        Roof 40mm

                        Floor 60 mm

Coating utv:     beaten sheet metal white

Finishes inv:     Foiled plywood beige.
standard equipment

Door 600 x 1850 mm , window 550 x 900 mm with mosquito nets and roller blinds, electric box

230V with RCD , electric radiator 800W , 2 double sockets, crown contacting ceilings,

4 outriggers , 4 tie down hooks , complete seal against the cart, floor mat , transport and lock the door , exterior lighting, electrical cable , stödbensvev , ventilator ceiling.