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S.Karosser AB manufactures specialty trailers, campers and special applications for light trucks .

The robust and stable sandwich bodywork to our campers are built using computer-aided technology for lightweight structures , guaranteed by the smaller weight , low fuel consumption and minimal vehicle wear . The low net weight helps to reduce the braking distance and make the vehicle more secure and easy to drive in traffic.

Our campers are insulated with EPS produced in a CFC-free process. The materials are 30-40 mm thick which makes our campers winter insulation and helps keep it cooler during hot summer days. The insulation is covered on the outside camperns of painted aluminum sheet.
All our campers are equipped as standard with opening and double windows with blinds and insect screen window.
We assemble a climate-friendly and free of drafts front door , which in combination with the insulating side and good ventilation Easy Camper gives the comfort of living that has given it its reputation in Scandinavia and Europe.

The standard equipment also includes four vevförsedda legs that makes the loading and removal of the camper goes quickly and safely. When the camper is properly set up , it can of course be used as a residence.